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Google Cloud March Madness: “Know What Your Data Knows.” Real-time AI Powered Predictive Broadcast Commercials

To show the power of Google Cloud, our ambitious idea was to do real-time product demos—using Google Cloud technology—during the Final Four and Championship games. We did this by creating live spots that used artificial intelligence to predict key boxscore stats in the games

The Cloneless platform powered the predictive TV spot workflow, which allowed Google Cloud to determine a prediction, create a broadcast quality TV spot, and traffic it to the network, and be on-air in under 10 minutes.

Coca-Cola: “Olympic Moments” Real-time Response Broadcast Commercials

In 2012, Coca-cola was a major sponsor of Team USA at the Sochi winter Olympics. Coca-Cola wanted to participate in the conversations around those Olympics in a totally new way.

Cloneless partnered with Coca-Cola to create broadcast and digital videos which responded to the real-time events of the Winter Olympics.

Coca-Cola: “Naughty or Nice” Social Video Campaign

Ever wonder where you were on Santa’s Naughty or Nice list? Coca-Cola partnered with Cloneless to create one-to-one videos that showed Facebook users where they were on Santa’s list via shareable infographic videos.

We created hundreds of thousands of videos, plus our system incorporated users profile pictures and photographs from their Facebook account.

Toyota: “RAV4 You”

Toyota wanted to create a one-to-one video campaign for their US Facebook audience. Cloneless worked with their agency, Saatchi & Saatchi LA, to develop a flexible system to create hundreds of thousands of personalized videos featuring Hollywood actor, James Marsden.

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